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Customers that have (and haven't) bought custom built poker tables from Off Tilt have great things to say!

We strive to build you the best custom poker table you can buy online. But it isn't just about the wood, the stain and the craftsmanship - it's about how we treat you before, during and after the sale! Our goal is to make you our most satisfied you custom built poker table owner yet. Here is a sampling of the group you'll join...

We just finished setting up our table and it is perfect. What really made the difference is the price we paid. The price was unbeatable and I am extremly happy with the table. Putting the table together was a breeze. We will not be playing on it until Saturday, but can't wait to show off our new table and definitely will give out your website to anyone looking for a table!

– Len Portland, ME

Already had some people come over and we played a mini-World Series of Poker event, where we played 3 different types of games, in a tournament style. I ended up winning the top prize! Although it took a miracle because I was out chipped 10:1 going heads up in Texas Holdem. I got real lucky and took the Holdem Tournament, and overall top prize, so it was a great way to break in a great table! I had many compliments, and inquiries about where I got the table. I gave them your web site without hesitation. You guys have been great to work with, and the table looks awesome. All my chips fit in the drawer too... so everything was perfect!

– Jay

Bryan, I must say that I deeply regret not purchasing from you when I bought my new table. I chose, unwisely, to purchase the "Ultimate Hold Em Table" from A******* G******* S******. In pictures, it looked very nice, and it cost a few hundred dollars less. I realized my error when I received said table at my home. It could not possibly be made any cheaper. The chrome on the pedestals is so thin that it really isn't there and it is a very uneven finish. The chrome "inlays" or stripes on the pedestal are nothing more than 1/2 inch wide chrome tape that isn't applied very well so it is wrinkled, crooked, and peeling right from the factory. The vinyl work around the cushion is starting to peel up only three weeks after purchasing it due to the use of cheap adhesive. The chip tray is put in the table backwards and it must remain backwards if I want to use the chip tray cover, otherwise, it will not fit. Nothing fit properly when the various parts and pieces were received. Nearly every piece of wood or hardware had to be forced, pryed or cut to make the table go together. Trust me when I say, I deeply regret not spending a few hundred dollars more to get a well built table. My next table will definitely be from you and not from a company that is pushing cheap, made in China, garbage. I am writing this in hopes that at least one of my fellow Poker players will heed my warning and not get burned.
Highly unsatisfied customer of "the other guys,"

– Jim

Well guys the table is here, assembled, and set in place. I could not be happier with how everything turned out. The custom felt you helped me design looks very classy. The two tone black with wood grain racetrack was also a great touch. As you well know this table was a gift for my dad's 50th birthday. We were finally able to let the cat out of the bag, and unveil not just the table but a totally remodeled office turned to poker room. Many of my dad's family and friends were on hand for the showing. My dad was emotionally overwhelmed to the point of tears. His reaction to his fully custom table and the poker pics of his children and grandchildren could never be duplicated. A mission statement that puts into words many attributes of my dad's moral values and family priority that he has taught to his three sons, described to everyone who read it, that this was not just about a new piece of furniture you built to play cards on. The quality, the time, and the value you put into this table describes to me how important each client is to your company. I will be referring everyone I know with table needs to you. The people reading this will never know the magnitude of how much this table means to my family, but I think you do. In a nut shell you showed to me that its their desire to build tables for people not poker. Thanks again to Bryan and the rest of the crew.

P.S. I'm already down $100 bucks on the new table.
(Your results may vary)


– Jake Pettigrew, Texas

The guys at Offtilt are the best! Not only did they deliver a custom table for a fraction of the price I was quoted elsewhere, but they were a true pleasure to deal with. I give them my highest recommendation and encourage anyone considering a table to go with you.

– Joey Iazzetto, Chicago

Please add me to your list of "Very Satisfied" customers. Thank you for your help and guidance in making my selection, I researched for quite some time before deciding to pull the trigger, your prices and quality were the main draws to you. I am beyond happy with my table, from the quality/look and sturdy build I know I made the right choice. Thanks for an AWESOME table.
Best Regards,


Thought I would send an e-mail and include some pics. The table arrived on Wed. 8/15. We have our home game on Wednesdays so it was great timing. A few of the guys came over early and helped me set it up. Everyone was very excited to see it and all the guys absolutely loved it. I knew from talking to you that it would be very nice and indeed it is. You have a very quality operation. I gotta tell you though I was more than a little nervous when I first saw it unloaded from the truck. The crate it shipped in was totally busted up. The top piece of ply board was broken in half and missing so half the table top was exposed and the 1x6 boards on the side were completely broken in two. The box the legs came in looked like it fell off a cliff. Miraculously nothing was damaged! I couldn't believe that nothing got damaged on the table at all. There is a tiny little scuff on the rail but nothing to worry about. Last night was our second game on it, and again a lot of the talk centered around how much everyone loved the table. It is amazing how much more enjoyable the game is now. Everyone gave me a lot of credit for getting this set-up so thanks for that.
Thanks again,

– Chris

Hello you, I wanted to thank the two of you for making this purchase one I will never regret. I searched the internet for months, looking for a well built reasonable priced poker table. I must have visited your site 100 times before contacting you. It seemed no matter what site I went to I kept coming back you. Then when I saw you were having a special in April I decided to contact you to more information about your tables. To my surprise you answered my email the next day asking if I could send you pictures of my game room. I sent you picture the pictures where the pool table was the center piece of the room; you suggested style and colors to match the pool table. I was impressed. "Made in America" was another plus. I placed my order, to my surprise within a few days I was receiving emails with pictures of my table and its progress.You kept me informed through the whole process. Once shipped you called to make sure it arrived in good condition. Well the table is beautiful and great quality, the envy of all my poker buddies. The "Game Room" is now the "Poker Room". I do not recommend just any business, I take it very serious. But, I would recommend you to anyone looking for a custom built table at a very fair price. The quality of your work is excellent and your customer service cannot be beat. You make the process nice and simple from start to finish. If I ever decide to purchase another table I will not search the internet I will go directly to you. Keep up the Great Work!
Thank you again

– David W Pepitone - Vineland, NJ

Bryan: I just wanted to let you guys know we got the table home and it's in great condition. You did a great job packing it. Jason got it all assembled and he absolutely loves it!!!His buddies have been coming by to check it out and he's already planning his first home game. He plans to convert our garage into his own little poker palace!!! In my opinion you guys did an amazing job. Everything is exactly as I wanted it and I couldn't be any happier with Jason's excitement about it. I really enjoyed doing business with you both and we will be referring you to anyone looking to have a quality custom poker table built. Thanks again!

– Tasha Kotara - Texas

The Chicago Bears table I just received from you is simply amazing. The first thing that caught my eye when I saw their site was the low price. I have been pricing tables for 6 months and found nothing impressive less than 3K. Of course, I then thought it was a base price and once I added some options it would be much more expensive. Well, I submitted my request via email and figured it would take a couple of days to get a response. To my surprise, my phone rang 30 minutes later and it was Mike asking me for some thoughts on what I may be interested in purchasing. There was no pressure at all, nor was it a sales pitch, it was a pleasant brainstorming. After some thought and a couple of conversations I came up with the Chicago Bears. Even though they are Packers fans they still agreed to make the table! Amazing, even including the NFL cloth my table cost was around half the price I saw elsewhere and I even got a custom made design. I was kept updated throughout the entire process and they even ordered another vinyl color because the in stock navy blue just did not match my felt enough in their opinion. I received some pictures once they got the table together and right before shipment. 2 days later, the table arrived in my driveway. The crating and packaging by you was also second-to-none. The semi truck could have gotten in a wreck and I still think the table would have been undamaged. The shocking thing was that I did not have to pay a shipping price!! Last off, it was a simple assembly and the table is ready to go. The you deserve every ounce of praise they get because they earn it. These tables could double in price and it would still be a deal. Thank you both so much and I will refer everybody who sees my table to you.

– Dan Zabloudil - Columbus, Ohio