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Poker Tables

Custom Designed Poker Tables

This is what we do best! Every table is designed from scratch based on your likes, dislikes and ideas. Each piece is cut to order making your table not only one of a kind but it allows us the opportunity to replicate any part for your table at any time in the future as the need may arise.

We use only top quality materials including high density foam that will rebound even with the heaviest of use, Whisper Brand Vinyls, closed cell top pad under the cloth to prevent spills from soaking into the table, and the finest quality hardwoods and plys to craft teach table.

Best of all there is never any pressure - start your design today and we will answer questions and provide advice without the pressure of "making a sale"!

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Maybe you want just a quick idea of the budget for a problem. You can submit a quote request and we follow up within hours! Again, never any pressure to buy!

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RFID Poker Tables

Whether you run one of today's premier poker tours or are just looking to add streaming to your regional league Off Tilt has you covered. This is the ultimate in hole card technology and Off Tilt has built more RFID tables than any other company worldwide.

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Clearance Outlet

From time to time we build tables based on what we have in the shop - these are all FIRST QUALITY tables built the same we every custom poker table it built - BUT at a substantially lower price for a quick sale.

Check back here often for deals and steals!

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