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Custom Poker/Gaming Table Price Quote

Looking for a high end custom poker or gaming table, designed and built to your exacting specifications that won't break the bank?

Simply fill out the following information and let us know what you are interested in. We will promptly send you a detailed price quotation and possible some high resolution images of other poker tables we have built that would be similar to your ideas.

There is NO PRESSURE with Off Tilt Custom Poker Tables. Our goal is to answer ALL of your questions so that you can make the most informed choice for your new poker table. In the end we are confident we'll be the company you choose...

Simply fill out the following information and we will get back to you very shortly with pricing and information!

ANY size is possible, please select from something close below...
We use Whisper Vinyl as our standard. It has a soft texture, very durable and easy to clean. We offer several upgrades... Symphony Vintage line (15 colors) - similar soft feel, durable, the grain pattern is asymmetrical giving it a bit more real look to it Symphony Glaze line (9 colors) - a bit more shiny, durable minimal grain look Tooled vinyl - used on several tables, the embossing gives a unique texture and feel Exotics - Ostrich, carbon fiber, basket weave, suede for the ultimate in customization Real Leather (custom) - completely natural
Included in base pricing is your choice of (samples available): suited speedcloth in 15 colors non-suited speedcloth in 7 colors suedes in several colors Custom designed and dyed artwork in any of the above styles
Any stain color is possible included int he base price! We can even match your existing woodwork. Just give us a basic idea of what you are thinking or leave it blank for now...
Included in the base pricing is 6.5" maple pedestal columns with your choice of 2 feet on each side and your choice of a suited or non-suited stretcher bar between the columns. We also offer large diameters, alternative foot configurations, steel disc pedestals and even custom designed and crafted to give you the exact look you want! You can also choose folding legs! Pricing would be reduced!
Stretcher bar is part of the included pedestal style with the above options and required. YOu can elimminate the stretcher bar but need to add feet for stability (3-4 on each side). There is an upcharge to eliminante the stretcher in favor of additional feet.
Want to protect your table when not is use for kids or during meals? We offer matching dining tops that will completley hide the poker table when not in use!
Store your chips when not in use right in the table! The added aprons give the table more depth and a true furniture look.
A secure place to collect cash at the table! Dual locks secure the steel box under the table. Acrylic paddle included.
If you have a dedicated dealer or "house" you might need a chip tray on the surface. We can do that! A few options below...
Do you have a dedicated dealer? For their comfort consider a break in the padded rail.